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I Can Help With

Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Mid Back/ Rib Pain
Shoulder Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Ankle Pain
Wrist Pain/ Carpal Tunnel
Tennis Elbow
Frozen Shoulder
Jaw Pain
And MORE...

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Our Technique

At Made to Move Chiropractic the chiropractic adjustment is a specific and gentle correction of misalignment of the spine and extremities. This scientific correction alleviates pressure on the nervous and musculoskeletal systems to allow for movement corrections. Techniques utilized are Diversified, Activator, Thompson Drop and SOT pelvic blocking. Soft Tissue Techniques include Graston, KT taping and several  myofascial release techniques. Techniques utilized during visits are based on your complaint and individualized treatment plan.

Initial Visit

When you arrive to your appointment Dr. Miller will sit with you and discuss your chief complaints to get a full understanding of your situation. A thorough movement, neurological and chiropractic exam will take place where Dr. Miller will explain what all of the findings mean. If no imaging or further testing is needed then treatment will begin that day and a treatment plan will be provided.


Existing Patient Visit

Once established as a patient at Made To Move Chiropractic you will be able to schedule online or over the phone for appointments. Dr. Miller provides comprehensive treatment at each visit based on your current treatment plan. We offer 15 min appointments and 30min appointment times. 15 min appointments are for existing complaints/treatment plans and 30min appointments are for new injuries/complaints or if we haven't seen you in 3+ months. 


** We do not accept Insurance at this office.  A superbill can be provided to you for possible 

re-imbursement by your insurance company upon request**

We want your health to be under YOUR CONTROL. 

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